How to setup SIM-Emu using configuration programs

Multi-SIM card can be programmed not only from keyboard of phone, but using special computer programs so-called configurators. Nowadays the best program is Sim-Emu Configurator äëÿ Emu 6.01.

The program allows:
- Read and write IMSI and KI using usual  SIM-Reader
- Change PIN1 (all 10 ones), PIN2, PUK1 (all 10 ones), PUK2
- Unblock PIN1 and PIN2
- Change ICCID parameter. Mobile operator draws it on his SIM-cards. ICCID transmits to GSM network during a call. 
- Turn on/off displaying of name of active position of number (the function Disable SPN)
- Turn on/off menu of SIM-Emu 6.01 (in order to nobody can change settings, suspect of emulator etc). The function called  Disable Menu.
- Turn on/off test mode for Motorola phones (Enable Motorola Test Card).
- Backup information of EEPROM of Silver-card to a hard disk.
- Make backup copies of SMS, ADN, FDN.
- Work with menu SIM-Emu 6.01 like on mobile phone.

Install the program. Insert Silver-card to your SIM-Reader and connect in to computer. Launch SIM_EMU_6.01_CFG.exe.

At first, the program must be configured. Select "Setup\ Phoneix Plugin". Then select "Setup\Setup PlugIn". The new window will appear. There set up COM port on which SIM-Reader was connected. Set the speed for working with SIM-Reader: 9600 for quartz 3,579545 MHz. The other settings let’s stay as shown on the picture. You also can use “Quick Settings”. Select "Phoneix at 6.000 MHz on COM1", then correct the parameter “Xtal Frequency” (define your quartz frequency). Everything must work. 

Enter PIN1 (for any of exist positions), click Ok. Then enter PIN2 and click Ok. Go to page “Configure”.

In order to read information about available phone numbers, select mode “Card” on page “Configure”. Click button “Read From Card”. All information will be read from card-emulator and displayed. Only KI keys won’t read, because of architecture of Silver-card program (security reasons). The program interface is intuitively clear. Rows of digits form 0 to 9 mean position numbers for Silver-card. For each position you can enter the following parameters: IMSI, KI, PIN1, PUK1, SMS Centre, Description (the text which will be displayed on the phone), Phone# (internal information for emulator).

The common parameters of emulator are: ICCID, PIN2, PUK2 and other option. Select “Phone Lang” to English. The point is that there is Russian version SIM-Emu 6.00, but it used rarely because of a lot of glitches. 

When everything has been entered, press button “Write to Card”. The Silver-card will be programmed for several seconds, then you can put the card to the phone and use it.

Without doubt, the configurator is good thing for Silver-cards programming. We have solid experience with SIM-Emu, and we want to say: if you need to program more that 1-2 phone to the card, it better to use the Configurator. It will rapidly and accurately, that phone keyboard.

You can explore other functions of the program: reading/writing of ADN/SMS/FDN, EEPROM, keyboard phone emulation (the page SIM Appl).

There is a lot of similar programs for configuration of various of card-emulators. For example, configurator by PICador. The same SIM-Scan 2.01 has a function for IMSI and KI writing (it works with GoldWafer cards only). Launch SIM-Scan 2.01 and in the main menu click button “Write IMSI&KI”, then enter keys of SIM, which you have read before (they usually placed in file C:\SIM_Scan\imsi_ki.dat). The last digit of PIN will determine position number (where keys will be written). 

The next page of the cite describes programming process of new clean Silver-card.